Goldenwise Capital Group is an asset management company licensed under the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong, headquartered in Hong Kong and with research team in Shanghai and Toronto.


Goldenwise team members have been investing in the US and Greater China markets since 2008, mainly involving two types of strategies: arbitrage and value investing.


During 2008-2019, Goldenwise focused on equity indices arbitrage in the US markets. With the expanding of our circle of competence, we have been focusing primarily on value investing since 2019. We adopt the similar principle to do value investing as the arbitrage: mispriced low value arbitrage (catalyst/ event-driven investments) and time arbitrage (long-term investments).


Goldenwise focuses on a concentrated portfolio of high-quality businesses with sustainable competitive advantages to maximize alpha.


Using a private equity approach, Goldenwise conducts deep fundamental research and adopts a long-term investment horizon and an owner’s mindset. We invest in global public markets, with a focus on China and North America.


Founder and Chief Investment Officer: Huakun Ding


Invested in global markets by arbitrage and value investing strategies for the past 15 years.


Founded Goldenwise Capital (Canada) and served as Chief Investment Officer in 2012.


Founded Goldenwise Capital Group (Hong Kong) and served as Chief Investment Officer in 2017.


Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics from Nankai University, Master's degree in Financial Mathematics from the University of British Columbia,  Canada.